Executive Chef and Owner/Partner S.Y. Kitchen


Luca Crestanelli was born and raised in Verona, Italy.  Fluent in Italian, Spanish and English and possessing a degree in Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts, Chef Luca is a modern, Renaissance man.  Having worked throughout northern Italy and Southern California, Crestanelli found his passion and refined his sensibilities to food through his travels around the world.


Chef Luca discovered that “ingredients, recipes, and methods of cooking can vary from each little town or village within a country, as they have their own age-old traditons which they practice.”  Therein he developed his own style of creating “an enriched, authentic local culinary experience that honors traditional Italian cuisine”.


Through his inspired dishes at S. Y. Kitchen Luca has already established himself as a standard-bearer for the Santa Ynez Valley‘s bright culinary future.  Working closely with local farmers and food purveyors, Crestanelli sources his ingredients daily by visiting local produce fields and farms himself.  “This concept of ‘farm to table’ is too obvious for me.  Of course, surrounded as we are by all of these fresh, local ingredients, why wouldn’t we go from the field to the kitchen?  There is no other way if preparing brightly flavored, fresh food is one’s purpose in life.”











1110 Faraday Street in Santa Ynez, California   805.691.9794